Today is....

the Superbowl!!! I can't tell you how excited I am. The match-up should be interesting. To be honest, I think it would have been more of a challenge if the Pats were playing the Packers, but alas, it wasn't to be. Ah well. It's still the SB, so the Giants may try to pull a rabbit out of their hat, we'll see.


John Winchester and Wincest.

My mind is still reeling from this excellent story I read recently, which had Dean and Cassie having a reunion of sorts. Then of course, my mind went to the other end of the spectrum to this horrible, badly-written story about Dean and Cassie getting married, then her being a bitch to Sam, which led to him putting her in a death-like state, and then she was buried. That's not the worst of it: Sam and Dean get together at the end, and John is not only okay with it, but he's approving. Wait, what?

First off, in what universe would any father be happy that his sons are boinking?!? Secondly, in what universe would John Winchester be happy that his sons are boinking?!? I know the majority of the SPN fandom thinks he's a rotten father, who cared more about hunts than his sons, but I disagree. He loved his boys more than he loved himself, and regardless of what you think of his fatherly abilities, there is no way, no how he would be okay with them sleeping together. On top of that, I am confident that the kind of men John Winchester raised his boys to be would never turn to each other in such a manner, wouldn't even think about having a sexual relationship with each other. Again, no way, no how.

So you see, this is why I can never buy into Wincest. Ever. I think I can live with that.

This was so important that it required its own post...


*does a celebratory dance* I am SO proud of my boys for accomplishing such a feat!!! First team in 35 years to do so; take that, haters. This game was truly the first time I was scared they weren't going to win, and somehow, some way, they pulled it off. That's a great team, ladies and gentlemen! And they broke another record for most points scored in the regular season AND Brady set a league record for most TD passes by a QB AND Moss set a league record for most TD catches by a receiver. There truly are no words for how proud I am :).

I'm also excited to see how they play in the playoffs. Going 19-0 and bringing home another ring would be the icing on the cake, and I'm confident they can. They will :).

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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to wish you guys a wonderful new year. 2007 was full of great professional highs and terrible personal lows, so I'm really hoping this year will be better all-around.

I'm currently in New Hampshire, part 3 of my Boston adventures. I've been to Uxbridge (part 1), where I hung out with my friend's sister, her boyfriend and her two adorable toddlers, then back to Boston where we partied and danced and had fun abound. I met a couple of interesting guys, of course none of those called (not that I really care or anything, you know :p ), then met a couple of annoying guys, one in particular to who my friends gave my number, and who keeps calling. I really don't mean to be picky, but he's just too boring and he's got some maturing to do before I'd consider dating him. Apparently, that's hard to understand.

For some strange reason, I've been attracting guys since I've been in Boston. I've even been told that my skin 'glows', whatever that means LOL. It must be something good. The rest of the week is probably going to be just chill and relax, before I go back to Boston on Tuesday. Since I'm currently in the boondocks of Lee, NH somewhere, and given that the Net and TV are the only things to do, I have a feeling I'll be updating pretty often, lol.

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Leaving tomorrow!

I'm not going far or nothing, just back to Boston to visit with some friends I haven't seen in a year. I have a feeling they'll be happy to see me; one of them can't wait til I get into town so we can go out. Cuz of course, I'm always the life of the party LOL.

It's funny that my close friend dany (who's kinda in love of me) is worried about me hooking up with some stranger, like that's my style. Just cause ONCE I kissed one! You can never tell people nothing, they always hold it against you later.

I might just go (relatively) wild in Boston for the heck of it :D.

Later! and if I don't get a chance to get on the net til then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :).


I just got back from visiting a very close friend of mine and his brother in, well not the boondocks, but the kind of town where you need a car to get around. They didn't have any Internet; I could die. There's only so much TV even *I* can watch during the day without getting bored out of my fucking mind. I was so bored that I cleaned his room, his bathroom, did his laundry, folded it, cleaned up the kitchen (you know, since they're boys and all ), cooked and did it all over again. Finally I feel connected to the virtual world again! Yay! I'm not going to be staying over anytime soon, I'll tell you that much.

I also decided that I should actually start writing in this journal. That is what it's for, after all. Besides, it's more for enunciating my own thoughts into words than anything else. So to everybody, welcome to my crazy mind :).
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SPN 2x22

I just finished downloading the episode, and I skimmed through it just to watch the segment with JDM.

I gotta say, I disagree with those who wished JDM had said lines. The looks that John shared with Dean and with Sam were all that was needed. The message conveyed was clear as day: 'I love you, I miss you and I'm proud of you.' *squees* My boys!!!

That, ladies and gentlemen is the sign of a great actor. Any lines would have ruined it.

I love this show. I love this show. Did I mention I LOVE this show?

I can't WAIT for S3! *squees*
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Finally! we can put this to rest!

From an Asylum conversation with Jensen here ( :

Someone asked if he had realised his faux pas in Provenance when he said Jared instead of Sam. He watched it in the trailer with Jared, which they don’t get to do that often as they are usually working week nights. The first time was when it aired and he was like “No” and then he got the DVD a few days later and watched again - he said he couldn’t believe he’d done it and even more so he couldn’t believe no-one else picked up on it either.

Yes! it's official. I may be overreacting a bit (LOL), but damn, that was bugging me BIG time.
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